Ziglar Families That Thrive and Win Review

Ziglar Family Thrive Community Review

The Ziglar Family is a website and online community based on the teachings of famous business and self-help legend Zig Ziglar. Today, Mark Timm, one of the many people inspired and mentored by Ziglar, runs the site. This website has many resources dedicated to helping families solve common problems, get closer, and thrive in today’s complex world. There are several ways that members can join and interact with the Ziglar Family. In this review, we’ll be taking a close look at some of the features, benefits and membership options for the Ziglar Family.

The Motivation for Ziglar Family

Zig Ziglar is one of the most famous and influential self-help gurus of modern times. Originally a salesman, he was best known as an author and motivational speaker. With books such as See You at the Top and Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale, Ziglar was especially helpful to people in sales. A native of rural Alabama, he was known for his down-to-earth and charismatic speaking style. He was adamant about the importance of setting goals, providing great service to customers, and succeeding in an honest and ethical manner.

Aside from his focus on sales, abundance and personal development, Ziglar also emphasized the importance of family. One of his books, Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World, was embraced by readers seeking guidelines for raising children with positive and traditional values.

Mark Timm, the CEO of Ziglar Family, is fond of saying that he’s, first and foremost, the CEO of “the most valuable business in the world – my family.” Timm first heard a talk by Zig Ziglar 30 years ago at the National FFA Convention and was instantly inspired. Timm, despite being a successful businessman, was finding it extremely challenging to balance his career success with the demands of a large family. At this point, he decided to apply the wisdom of Ziglar’s teachings to his own family life. Timm and his wife have six children, so he has lots of hands-on experience when it comes to balancing his personal, professional and family life.  After noticing outstanding changes in his ability to communicate with his family and enjoy a more fulfilling family life, Timm resolved to bring this to others. Ziglar Family gives Timm and his team the ability to reach lots of people and help them enjoy similar improvements.

The Many Challenges Facing Families Today

The family has been the foundation of all societies throughout history. What makes life today so challenging for families? The fact is, despite (or, as the case may be, because of) many advances in culture, technology and economics, the life of the typical family is more complex and confusing than ever. People move around more than ever. Employees typically change careers and must often move or travel for their jobs. Approximately 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Another aspect of modern life is that, in many families, both parents need to work. There are all kinds of debates about how children should be raised.

In the past, raising a family may not have been easy, but at least everyone knew what was expected. Today, it’s not nearly so simple. Between economic challenges, confusion over values and education and other issues, it’s getting harder and harder to know how to balance all of the conflicting forces. For example, parents wonder what kind of school to send their children to; how and when (or even whether) to discipline their kids; what to teach them about religion and so on. Families where parents work long hours struggle to spend enough time together.

These are some of the issues that make family life especially challenging, even for intelligent, successful and well-intentioned people. Ziglar Families is a resource that addresses these concerns and helps provide you with direction.

The Families that Thrive Community

One of the central hubs of the Ziglar Family is the Families that Thrive and Win online community and course. This is where families can come for guidance and to connect with other members to help them better navigate the issues facing today’s families.

Families that Thrive and Win is dedicated to teaching families how to thrive. They make a distinction between being a “survivor family,” a “settler family” and a “family that wins.”

A Survivor Family is one that’s barely hanging on. Family members are stressed out, may be experiencing serious problems and there may be a lack of honest communication.

A Settler Family is, on the surface, doing fine. However, it’s not really living up to its full potential. It’s all too easy to fall into this mode, where there are no glaring problems but you sense that something is missing. When you first got married or had children, did you plan on settling for a life that was just okay?

A Family that Thrives is one that’s actively pursuing success and constantly looking for ways to improve life for everyone. It means going beyond surviving and settling and striving for excellence. This isn’t something that happens by accident, though. It takes a concerted effort. The Families that Thrive community was created to help more families enter this category!

The Families that Win 4-Week Course

To start you on the road to greater fulfillment, you’ll have a chance to participate in a 4-week online course. This course only takes about a month to complete, but it’s designed to provide you with skills and insights to last a lifetime. There are several new lessons each week. The four main topics are:

  • Believe Your Family Can Thrive
  • Plan for Your Family to Thrive
  • Prepare Your Family to Thrive
  • Expect Your Family to Thrive

These lessons take into consideration that you’re busy. They don’t take up much time, but can have profound results nonetheless. You can access lessons, which include videos, on any device, whether a smartphone, computer or tablet. You’ll have access to the material for a full year, so you can always come back and review the lessons whenever you want.

When you join Families that Win, the 4-week course is just one part of the membership. Another powerful benefit is that you get access to a large and supportive community. You get to join an exclusive Facebook group where you can interact with members of the Ziglar Family team as well as other families who are on the same journey. This helps you feel connected and part of a larger movement.

Membership Options

There are several membership options for joining Families that Win. All memberships are valid for 12 months.

  • Basic: $19 – This package includes complete access to course materials, the members-only website, a guidebook to download, a customizable 90-day Family Success Plan and exclusive interviews with Tom Ziglar.
  • Connected: $39 – All the features of Basic, access to a private members-only community, Ziglar Family Technology Guide, Ziglar Family Meeting Starter Kit, exclusive support from Mark Zimm and the Ziglar Family team, access to the Ziglar Vault, and an opportunity for monthly group coaching.
  • Exclusive: $89 – All the features of Connected, one-on-one coaching with a certified Ziglar Family Coach, membership in Ziglar Family Pioneers and lifetime access to additional resources.

All memberships come with a guarantee. If you submit copies of the Guidebook to show that you’ve completed the program and still don’t believe you’ve gotten value from the course, you’re eligible for a 100% refund.

Free Resources on the Ziglar Family Website

While there are many benefits to joining the Families that Thrive community, the Ziglar Family site also provides some free resources. If you’re not sure about joining the site as a paid member, you might want to start with some of the free material.

Raising Positive Kids is a free e-book in which Zig Ziglar and Mark Timm offer valuable advice on raising children in a complicated and challenging world. In this book, you’ll receive guidance on how to deal with collapsing moral values, the internet, economic struggles, smartphones and other issues that face today’s parents. This e-book reveals the biggest stress factors for families and how to overcome these, as well as how to create the kind of family legacy you desire for your kids.

The Ziglar Family website also contains a variety of articles and resources to help you clarify many issues relevant to parents and families today.

7-Day Family Challenge

In March 2017, Ziglar Family introduced the 7-Day Challenge campaign, a project that includes the teachings of 7 experts who focus on 7 different areas of family life. The Challenge is free and open to anyone. The 7 experts/topics are:

  • Michael and Gail Hyatt: Michael Hyatt is the founder of Platform University and a social media expert. He and his wife discuss the importance of family communication, especially during meals.
  • Zig Ziglar’s Children: Ziglar’s children Tom, Julie and Cindy share some of the insights they picked up from their father over the years.
  • Gary Chapman: Author of the bestselling book, The Five Love Languages, Chapman explains the five languages and how they can help families come closer together.
  • Josh Axe: An expert in the field of natural medicine, Axe discusses strategies for helping families enjoy better health and well being.
  • Tony Dungy: Former football player and coach and bestselling author of Uncommon and Quiet Strength, Dungy discusses ways that families can maintain a strong bond while having busy careers and schedules.
  • Brian Buffini: Founder of Buffini & Company, he’s one of the country’s leading realtors. Buffini shares some of his advice for success in both your career and family.
  • Dave Ramsey: Popular radio personality Ramsey shares financial tips for families to enjoy greater security and ease.

The 7-Day Challenge is based on Zig Ziglar’s own Ziglar Wheel of Family Life, a tool he created to help millions of people integrate the various aspects of their lives. Ziglar identified 7 key areas of family life: Relationships, Work-Life Integration, Financial, Physical, Communication, Spiritual and Community.

This 7-Day Challenge, which launches March 27, 2017, is useful for all families, whether or not you have a background in Ziglar’s work or not. It also doesn’t require you to be a member of the Ziglar Family online community. The courses are delivered in video format, via email.

Ziglar Family and Families that Thrive and Win: Pros and Cons

Ziglar Family and the Families that Thrive program are potentially life-transforming for families that want to make strides in their relationships, parenting skills and understanding of what it takes to thrive in today’s complex world. The material, however, is not suitable for everyone. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the Ziglar Family.


  • Lots of free content, even if you don’t want to join as a paid member. You can read articles, download a free e-book on parenting and join the 7-day challenge for free.
  • Course material is easy to access and doesn’t take much time to apply. Lessons are available via videos and in downloadable guidebooks.
  • You gain wisdom accumulated from the teachings of Zig Ziglar over many decades as well as more recent material created by Mark Timm and his team.
  • Several convenient membership options. If you do decide to join the paid community, there are several reasonable options and you can access the material for a full year.


  • Requires a genuine commitment to change. While the material is convenient and doesn’t take much time to absorb, applying it requires some effort. Improving your family life takes real dedication. If you simply sign up and don’t use the material, you won’t see results.
  • Zig Ziglar’s approach won’t appeal to everyone. It’s a traditional, faith-based approach to parenting and family life. People whose values are more secular or liberal probably won’t find the approach suitable to their lifestyle.

Ziglar Family website is a large and constantly growing source of material for families seeking to make sense of life in the modern world. It provides many materials designed to help families grow closer and overcome their challenges. If you’re not sure if the Ziglar approach to families is right for you, it’s best to browse the website see if the material speaks to you. If so, the Ziglar Family could represent a major turning point for your family’s future.

Zigar Family Thrive Community Review