Challenge Day 7: The Ziglars

You know the name Zig ZIglar: a beloved, motivational genius who helped millions of people around the world experience unprecedented success.

Do you know how he ended most of his seminars? He would issue an invitation for the attendees who wanted to know “the rest of the story” to a breakout session where he shared his number-one passion: his faith.

Today, Mr. Ziglar’s children, Cindy Ziglar Oates, Julie Ziglar Norman, and Tom Ziglar work together through Ziglar, Inc. to continue their father’s legacy.

All three of Mr. Ziglar’s children have vivid memories of their father’s example of leadership in spiritual matters, and they will each be sharing some of those special memories in today’s challenge message.

Mr. Ziglar made no apologies for faith, and it became a key part of his legacy.

In an exclusive video from Ziglar Family, Cindy, Julie, and Tom recall how their father’s faith influenced their family’s life and then discover how they’ll challenge your family to grow stronger, as well.

Watch here.

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