Challenge Day 3: Josh Axe

Chances are if you’ve ever Googled anything related to holistic health and natural medicine, you’ve been directed to Dr. Josh Axe’s extremely popular website, along with the rest of its 6 million monthly visitors.

But in case you haven’t encountered him yet, Dr. Axe, is a renowned and respected doctor of natural medicine, a chiropractic physician, and a clinical nutritionist. He also founded one of the leading functional medicine clinics in the country.

He has a passion for helping people get healthy by using food as medicine and has shared his wisdom on many television shows and stations including the Dr. Oz Show, CBS, NBC and his own show on PBS.

Today Dr. Axe is here to share with you his top 3 simple changes you can make now that will have long-lasting effects on your health and that of your family, including:

  • A super-easy breakfast for a healthy kickstart to your day
  • The most beneficial way you can spend 20 minutes each day
  • A triathlon you should be doing each morning, and it’s not what you’re thinking!

You can hear Dr. Axe’s message and challenge today by clicking here and joining the 7-Day Challenge from Ziglar Family.


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